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Next Session: Sunday, February 11 - March 10.
Sundays from 2-4pm.
Graduation Show: TBD

This class is NOT an entry level class and is designed for comedians that have experience performing stand up.

So you have a set, you’ve been doing the open mics, have been performing a few guest spots here and there or maybe even hosted a few shows, but feeling unsure of where to go from here, and unsure of how you take that next step, and what even IS that step? This may be for you.


This class is for comedians looking for a clearer understanding of what’s expected of them in a club or professional setting and want to hone and sharpen their skills, 


Each class will have a focus on a specific area of comedy. 

  • How to get Booked 

  • Hosting Workshop

  • Goals and How To Work Toward Them

  • Comedy is a Business

  • Crowd Work/Heckling


Class time will also include a workshop where we will all collectively work on sets and focus on personal areas of improvement for each student. 


Space is Limited.... Sign up today! 



Brian Beaudoin, From East Providence to Las Vegas Brian is a National touring comedian and the talent coordinator here at the Comedy Connection. For over 15 years he has been a fan favorite and staple here at many comedy clubs.


He was the weekly host of the Comedy Connection’s Hardcore show for over 10 years and his podcast "The Wicked Funny Podcast" is in the iTunes top 100 standup podcasts. 



Ray Harrington is an infectiously charming comedian who performs across the globe with hilariously irreverent material and marvelous improvisational riffing that embraces the uncomfortable and the absurd with a smile. He’s been seen on Conan, and his documentary BE A MAN won the LA Comedy Festival before premiering exclusively on Hulu. His first album from Stand Up! Records, The Worst Is Over, debuted at the top of the comedy charts on Amazon and iTunes. His latest album, Overwhelmed, debuted at Number 1 on Amazon and at the top of the Billboard Comedy Charts.

Ray has been seen at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival with his show, Immaterial. Ray was named Best Comedian by the Providence Phoenix, was a finalist in the Boston Comedy Festival, and was invited to host the International Filmapalooza Awards in Hollywood. He was awarded Best Documentary at the LA Comedy Festival as well as the SNOB Film Festival, and premiered his film BE A MAN at the New York Comedy Festival. His web series, Undependent, won Best Comedy at the NYC Web Festival, and won Best Actor for Undependent at the London Web Festival.

Ray has been heard on nationally syndicated radio along with Sirius/XM and he’s been seen on Conan, Hulu, ABC, FOX, TBS, and SBS Australia.

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Next Session Dates:
February 11
-March 10
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