Our fundraising programs help non-profit organizations, sports teams, youth leagues,
schools, families in need raise thousands of dollars and much more!

Here is some quick info to get you started:
Depending on the size and needs of your fundraiser / benefit... the event can either be private or open to the public.
Most events have a comedy show.. but this is not required. You are welcome to use the space for any other ideas you may have. If you would like a comedy show, our comedians are able to provide a clean, PG-13 or adult oriented show. The choice is yours.
Ticket prices are set by you... however they typically range from $15-$25. We provide printed tickets for you to sell and we add your event on our calendar so tickets can be purchased online.

How much money is raised is totally up to you! For example, $25 tickets at 200 seats is $5000!

Our capacity is 220 seated or standing.

Our kitchen can be open so there is food available for purchase. If you wish to have the event catered, you can contracted an outside company to help you with this as well. We own the Black Duck Tavern located next to the Comedy Connection and have many catering options.

The options for these shows are endless. We work with you to make the night exactly what you are looking for.

Feel free to call or email for more information! 401-438-8383 or info@ricomedyconnection.com