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Rafinha Bastos

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Thu, Mar 28, 2019
Fri, Mar 29, 2019
Sat, Mar 30, 2019
Special Event

Rafinha Bastos

Rafinha Bastos launches his second show solo stand-up comedy.

In Terrible Influence, the comedian is even more acidic. The Jewish and Gaucho actor does not spare me, his own roots: "The purpose of my text is not to offend but to start laughing with texts and themes not very conventional for a humor show," says Rafinha.

The actor and journalist is among the 30 most watched comedians in the world on YouTube. His videos with excerpts of presentations, already total more than 70 million views. Recently it was considered by the American newspaper NEW YORK TIMES the owner of the most influential Twitter profile in the world.

Rafinha Bastos began in 2004 to perform in paulistanos stages in the style stand-up comedy. Current trend, the "clean face" mood (without special character or costumes) is a line of comedy that is gaining more fans in Brazil every day. A pioneer of this language in Brazil, Rafinha Bastos was the creator of the first solo show of the genre (THE ART OF INSULT), a meeting of copyrighted texts tested in two years of Stand-up Comedy Club, a successful show in SP since 2004 that now is only seen on DVD.

Daily criticism and urban neuroses

The stand-up comedy comes from the American school. A genre that is more and more in vogue, the format privileges the humorist of "clean face", that is, only a microphone and the pedestal, without costumes, makeup and characters. The texts are critical, with humor based on the reflections of daily life, personal experiences and urban neuroses.

It was in the United States that Rafinha Bastos had his first contact with this type of humor: "I fell in love with the comedy with a clean face because I saw in her a possibility to combine my knowledge of actor and journalist," he explains. Jerry Seinfeld, Jay Leno, David Letterman and Whoopy Goldberg are examples of comedians who have built their careers based on this style of comedy.

The format was projected in Brazil in 2005 with the creation of the Stand-up Comedy Club. The group founded by Rafinha Bastos, Marcelo Mansfield, Diogo Portugal, Marcela Leal and Oscar Filho already has CD released and makes presentations all over the country.